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ON SALE DEC 4th at 12 PST!

Imagine if you will... creating another Twilight Zone inspired Primus print!? Why not!

When I think of Las Vegas, I think of germs and 'chance'. When I think of 'chance' I think of some of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes. I have a problem. And you can share and support my problem with this limited edition print!

Masterfully printed
by Monolith Press
3 Color Silkscreen
18" x 24"

Main AP "I WOULDN'T HANG THAT ON MY WALL" Edition on Natural of 50 pcs

"Holofoil Again? No thanks!" Edition of 10 pcs

SIlver Foil "Twilight Zone is played out" Edition of 15 pcs

Gold Foil "If You have the San Bernardino Print" Edition of 10 pcs.


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