• Image of WEEN New Orleans 2022 Print Sets
  • Image of WEEN New Orleans 2022 Print Sets


When you are asked to do a 2 night set of poster for the legendary Ween AND you have been taking pain killers and muscle relaxers due to an injury, you really can't lose. As a result, I present to you a stupid fever dream of some freak circus pervert kids who I assume grew a 3rd eye to better creep on the burlesque two-headed cockroach striptease... in fact, the kids are so creepy that their head lice are brazenly worse? (I do blame the meds)... soooo, forgive me and don't judge? ;)

4 Color Silk Screened Prints
Limited Edition Artist Prints
Signed & Numbered

10 Cut Sets (2pcs 18x24)
5 Uncut (24x36)

5 Foil Variant Sets (2pcs 18x24)
5 Foil Variant Uncut (24x36)

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